Our mission to prepare and equip children is achieved through our everyday curriculum which centers on Christ and learning about God’s creation. Our course of study includes Language Arts, Math, Science/Health, Social Studies, Computer Technology, Music & Band, Spanish, Art, and Physical Education. Our teachers and varied curriculum offers students the opportunity to:

Learn     Think     Problem     Solve     Create     Innovate     Communicate     Collaborate

This is accomplished as the faculty strives to help each individual child reach their highest potential through differentiated instruction, which meets the needs of children at individual levels. 

Students are given Map Tests three times a year. Map testing  not only charts a students individual growth throughout the  year, but assists teachers in improving curriculum to better suit the needs of each child.     

Preschool – 4th Grade have a Teacher’s Aide.

All grades visit different classrooms and teachers for Art, Music, Technology and Spanish.

Immanuel Christian Academy is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Association, an agency of the  Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and recognized by the State of Illinois. All our teachers are certified by the Illinois State Board of Education.

We are blessed with an outstanding and highly qualified faculty. Here, forgiveness and love are taught and practiced. Our Christ-centered instruction does make a difference; you will see it manifested through the actions of our students!

Our mission extends to Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike as we seek to know Christ better.