Better Education for a Better Future

The importance of Education is indispensable for any human being. The development of intellectual growth of a person depends on education, to a great extent. Not only intellectual growth, the overall personality development is related to the educational qualification intensely.

Better Education has its own values. They are:

It enables people with necessary skills and knowledge for a better life.
The access to healthcare and social amenities depends on education to great extent.
Education is the key to great governance, transparency in policies and a barrier against corruption.
Education helps in creation of opportunities for viable and justifiable economic growth.

  • Generally, the Education Hierarchy has the following levels.
  • Nursery and Primary Levels: Elementary (Age: 3-11years)
  • Secondary Level: High School (Ages: 11-18 years)
  • Tertiary Level: College (Ages: 18+)

After the tertiary level, the next level is usually Bachelor’s or Undergraduate Degree. Postgraduate courses follow Undergraduate Degree, and the next level is Doctorate, mainly devoted to research and is of three years duration. Higher Education usually starts from the tertiary level.


The primary education is the right for every child. Basic education, in fact, has been made compulsory in many countries. But for a better future, a person has to look beyond the elementary and High School education. Research has proved that individuals with Undergraduate Degrees have better earning opportunities than a High School Graduate.

The Advantages of Bachelor’s Degree over Elementary and High School Degrees are:

According to many studies, the average earning of an Undergraduate Degree holder is much higher than those without such degrees.

Accredited degrees from good colleges are highly valued. Be in jobs, or other higher education programs, they provide good edge to its holders during selection process.

Job satisfaction is much greater in case of undergraduates than basic degree holders. The more is the job satisfaction, the more does it have a positive effect on the personality of the person. He tends to be more focusses and content.
High school graduates are thrice as susceptible to face poverty as compared to a college degree holder. Also their dependence on public aids and programs is much more, about 8 times, in comparison to Bachelor’s Degree holders.
In times of economic downfall, College Degree holders have better advantage. They have more chances of surviving a job loss than their counterparts with less education.


Advantage of Postgraduate Education:

With increasing competition, a specialised function can offer more advantage. A college degree makes a person eligible for good jobs, but a Postgraduate Degree distinguishes him from the crowd of Bachelor’s Degree holders.
For a Doctorate, the basic requirement in most universities is Post-Graduation. As such, the importance of this degree can be realised very well.

Job sustainability is assured, as specialised degree holders are better skilled. In fact, many organisations consider only specialists for certain jobs.

Better education ensures better lifestyle. Good earning capability, rendered by higher education can enhance the standard of living of the person. In fact, organisations consider the educational qualifications for promotions and higher ranks in the organisation hierarchy. As such, improved education is essential for a better life.