There are a wide variety of athletic opportunities for both male and female athletes of all talent levels. We field basketball, volleyball, cross country and track teams that compete against other schools. In addition, we have in-house activities throughout the year. When athletes leave Immanuel, they are prepared to compete at the high school level. Please contact our Athletic Director, John Kyanka with any questions at extension 210 or email him at jkyanka@immanuel-hillside.org.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary,

and young men stumble and fall;but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”

Isaiah 40:29-30

VOLLEYBALL                         BASKETBALL                         TRACK                         CROSS COUNTRY


In addition to music class, each week 1st grade – 8th grade have choir with Mr. Hempel. Six times a year our Dayschool Choir sings in Church at 9:30AM.

Preschool and Kindergarten have music class with their teachers and also sing in church twice during the school year.

Every December, we have a Christmas Program and in the spring, we have an all school musical. In past years we have performed Aladdin, The Jungle Book and School House ROCKS!

Visual Arts

Each grade has Art with their classroom teacher once a week.  Each class will cover a wide range of artistic topics such as: drawing, painting, decoupage, collage, crafts, melted crayon art, art history and more.

Many subjects our taught through topic based projects that utilize artistic mediums to study and learn. Art is in every classroom!

Performing Arts

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Every spring, we host an all school musical.  Each grade, Preschool – 8th has a part in the musical.  Every aspect of the musical from costumes to choreography to set design is directed, created and performed by ICA students, parents and Immanuel church members.  It truly is a community event.


Our mission to prepare and equip children is achieved through our everyday curriculum which centers on Christ and learning about God’s creation. Our course of study includes Language Arts, Math, Science/Health, Social Studies, Computer Technology, Music & Band, Spanish, Art, and Physical Education. Our teachers and varied curriculum offers students the opportunity to:

Learn     Think     Problem     Solve     Create     Innovate     Communicate     Collaborate

This is accomplished as the faculty strives to help each individual child reach their highest potential through differentiated instruction, which meets the needs of children at individual levels. 

Students are given Map Tests three times a year. Map testing  not only charts a students individual growth throughout the  year, but assists teachers in improving curriculum to better suit the needs of each child.     

Preschool – 4th Grade have a Teacher’s Aide.

All grades visit different classrooms and teachers for Art, Music, Technology and Spanish.

Immanuel Christian Academy is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Association, an agency of the  Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and recognized by the State of Illinois. All our teachers are certified by the Illinois State Board of Education.

We are blessed with an outstanding and highly qualified faculty. Here, forgiveness and love are taught and practiced. Our Christ-centered instruction does make a difference; you will see it manifested through the actions of our students!

Our mission extends to Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike as we seek to know Christ better.


Welcome to Immanuel

We believe in equipping students with the tools they need to live a fulfilling and successful life. We teach them to believe in excellence, to believe in a bright future, to believe in the love of Jesus Christ and to believe in themselves. We believe school is more than sports and academics.  It’s about preparing children for life, teaching them to believe in a future full of possibilities and their own potential.

 Please plan on attending one of our Open House events or call admissions today.